Japan’s corporations are crippled by Japan’s government from expanding further in foreign markets

Exports from Japan continue to go down, down, down, and there doesn’t seem to be anyway Japan can stimulate manufacturing falling for the seventh straight month in a row. Sorry Japan, nobody wants what your country produces anymore including cars and this has been going on now for the past 20 years. Without corporate reform forget foreign markets for your high tech freezers, fire extinguishers and other extremely well manufactured products. An estimated 50 hotels are planned to be built in Qatar over the next ten years and Japan’s corporations lost the potential to sell high tech refrigeration and freezer equipment as well as fire extinguishers. Japan’s corporations are restricted by its government crippling their creativity and burdensome restrictions.

Source: BBC

Weak export figures dampen Japan shares

May 22, 2016

Japanese shares have been pulled down by a sharp drop in the country’s exports, which fell for the seventh consecutive month.

Exports from Japan fell by 10% in April compared with the same month last year.

Imports plunged 23%, putting the trade balance at a 823bn yen ($7.5bn, £5.2bn) surplus.

Japan, whose economy has struggled for more than two decades, is hosting the G7 summit of global leaders in Sendai.

The Nikkei 225 fell 1.8% to 16,431.08 in morning trading in Tokyo.

The weak trade data is thought to be mainly due to poorer demand from China and other emerging economies.

Shares in Japan Tobacco fell by 1.4% as the world’s largest insurer, Axa, announced it would stop investing in the tobacco industry.

Mainland China’s Shanghai Composite rose by 0.3% to 2,834.16 while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng traded flat.

In Australia, the benchmark ASX/200 dropped 0.8% at 5,308.40 points.

South Korea’s Kospi index fell by 0.3% to 1,941.32.