Pop star (doesn’t mean much) Mayu Tomita stabbed multiple times when she refused gift from obsessed fan

Pop star (which doesn’t say much but this is Japan) Mayu Tomita, was stabbed repeatedly by an irate fan after Tomita refused a gift from the male “fan”. What kind of a fan carries around a knife? So the fan carries around a knife waiting for just such an opportunity to knife Tomita? What is going on in Japan with these recent bizarre crimes? What kind of a little goof ball male fan carries around a knife attempting to give a present to a “pop star?” A pop star at 20 years old? She’s still a child.

Being a pop star in Japan is sort of the equivalent in any other country of having a part in a child’s television program. Apparently, Tomita was sliced up pretty bad with stab wounds to her neck and chest. So really, who is to blame here? The little obsessed freak who knifed 20 year-old Tomita, or the entertainment producers and executives who put little girls like this on television and on stage to titillate Japanese males with all kinds of weird f–king fantasies?

Source : Independent

May 22, 2016

Japanese pop star Mayu Tomita stabbed dozens of times by obsessive fan

Before the attack, the singer informed police Iwazaki had been harassing her online and had posted obsessive comments about her on Twitter and blogging sites Twitter

A Japanese pop star is in critical condition after she was repeatedly stabbed by an obsessive fan.

Mayu Tomita, 20, is said to have been stabbed dozens of times in the neck and chest after refusing a gift before performing at a concert in Koganei in Tokyo on Saturday afternoon.

The singer, who is a college student, suffered nearly two dozen stab wounds to her neck and chest and has yet to gain consciousness according to reports in the Japanese media.

Mayu Tomita 冨田真由さん (Video) Japanese Pop Star Performing On Stage