Always the duplicitous British cutting deals with China behind Japan’s back will be brought up at the G7 Summit

The Chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE), Jeff Immelt, wrote an interesting article “Preparing for What’s Next” published on May 20, 2016. After reading this article, I started thinking about Japan’s relationship with the US and Britain observing just how correct Jeff Immelt is in his observations beginning with his opening paragraph:

“We’re in a volatile, global economy – the most uncertain I have ever seen. There is distrust of institutions. Protectionism is rising. Globalization is being attacked as never before. For those looking to succeed, the playbook from the past just won’t cut it. It’s time to pivot, be bold, and not fear criticism.”

I used the image above from The Economist, Britain’s oligarchic financial and corporate elitist publication used to transmit their ideas around the globe. It also has the GE symbol on it showing that GE does billions in business in Japan with General Electric recently selling its Japan lending unit for $4.8 billion to Sumitomo Mitsui. The point of this post isn’t about GE though, it’s about what GE’s Jeff Immelt referred to in that opening paragraph bringing us back to Britain.

Always the duplicitous British have been diplomatically cutting deals with China behind Japan’s back, all the while Japan is militarizing to protect its national and economic self-interests from alleged and perceived threats from China. Britain recently cutting billion dollar  trade deals with China has upset the Japanese as well as the Americans considering the ongoing tension over China’s island-building in the South China Sea. Japan’s contention is that they are concerned over multi-billion trade deals signed between the UK and China last year during China’s President Xi’s state visit to the UK. London signed trade deals with Beijing worth £40 billion ($61.35 billion).

All these trade deals are being cut with China by the British while Japan is rearming itself which most think is because Japan will shoulder most of the responsibility for its own protection and defense relying less on the Anglo-Americans. Much of Japan’s decision to rearm and militarize its foreign policy was because of Anglo-American pressure and constant diplomatic influence over Japan. The duplicitous and always cunning British, are all for austerity in their own country, but for the British financial and corporate elite as represented in such publications like The Economist, its double-dealing as usual, this time with the Chinese. This issue will be brought up by Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe at the upcoming G7 Summit this Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27 in Ise-Shima, Japan. The time is coming where Japan will be forced to cut the Anglo-Americans loose and is long over do considering the article written by GE’s Jeff Immelt. Japan will simultaneously  draw closer to China and Russia on trade and economic cooperation. Japan is going to have to develop its “own play book” for the future in its relationship with the US and Britain.