Yokohama “flim-flam” man Gregory Gumo receives 1 year and 6 month prison sentence

Mariko Akitaya in Bali

Mariko Akitaya in Bali

After getting tipped off yesterday on the outcome of the Yokohama flim-flam man Gregory Gumo’s legal status, it appears to most everyone’s chagrin, the Yokohama flim-flam man was sentenced on My 25th to 1 year and 6 months in prison by the Yokohama District Court. The prison sentence of such a short duration has surprised almost everyone following this case since last year July, 2015. The prosecution was trying to get a 2 year and 6 month sentence instead of what was given. It apparently reflects being found guilty of only “abandoning a body” and not for murder. Since the public won’t receive court transcripts, unless requested I’m not sure, indicating exactly what Gumo’s involvement was in what looks like Akitaya committing suicide while with Gumo, most can only surmise.

It has been suggested that the deceased (not found to have been murdered) Mariko Akitaya, might have had money returned to the Akitaya family which might explain the short prison sentence. If readers go to the linked News24 website below, there is a short news video announcing the verdict on Gregory Gumo. The Yokohama District Court decided from the evidence provided to them, that it was not the intent of Gumo to “murder Akitaya.” In the Japanese legal system, this is an important aspect while deciding outcomes in cases where death resulting in suspicious circumstances has occurred. After Gumo’s prison sentence ends people are warned to steer clear of this guy especially if you are a female.  This should have become more than obvious by now.  It is unknown if his visa will be revoked forcing Gumo out of Japan after serving his prison sentence.

Source: News24

三浦市女性死体遺棄 グモ被告に実刑判決

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