G7 (basically NATO) invoke the Gods and plant ceremonial trees before the big show starts in Ise-Shima

The big show got off to a shoveling start in Ise-Shima in Mie Prefecture as the leaders of the G7 (NATO) countries grabbed some shovels, and in front of the Gods or Goddesses or whatever, dug holes to plant ceremonial trees (they should be planting hemp trees).  Would be great to learn in the years ahead the tree planted by David Cameron dies. And as all good official summits represented by their respective country’s leaders, reverence before the Gods. I guess to invoke good spirits. Can’t have the millions of peasants in Japan thinking for a moment these leaders aren’t on their highway to hell can they? The Shinto Gods must be pleased. The same Shinto Gods who sent Japan to war in 1941? Wouldn’t it be great to all of a sudden watch these “leaders” (appointed script readers) get into a quarrel with each other then start bashing each other with their cute little ceremonial shovels? President Obama walks over to David Cameron and lays into him good with his shovel, “take this you bloody wimp.” Who said they were anybody’s “leaders” anyway? The Gods? A Shinto God?

Source: BBC

May 26, 2016

G7 Japan: World leaders visit Shinto religion’s holiest shrine

The leaders took part in a planting ceremony in the grounds of the shrine

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has taken world leaders to the Shinto religion’s holiest site, as the Group of Seven (G7) summit begins in the country.

Mr Abe said the visit was so that they could “understand the spirituality of Japanese people”.

The two-day G7 meeting in Ise-Shima brings together industrialised nations.

On Friday, US President Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima – the site of the first atomic bomb – the first sitting US president to do so.

The visit to the shrine is controversial because critics say Mr Abe is catering to his conservative supporters who want to revive traditional values.

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