Japanese parent’s behavior goes psychotic in the forest in the treatment of their 7 year-old boy

This report appeared the other day in which a Japanese couple claimed they were foraging for vegetables with their 7 year-old son when the son went missing in a forest in Hokkaido. It turns out the parents admitted they left their 7 year-old boy for five minutes as punishment and that’s when he went missing. Good one. What could a 7 year-old boy possibly do that was so offensive to his parents that they ditched him as punishment by leaving himself in a forest? To date, the child hasn’t been found as of Monday, May 30.

The report is the parents left their son and walked about 600 meters from him but when they returned the child couldn’t be found. I wonder if the seven year-old became upset and decided to go his own way? Imagine when they are reunited? That is going to be one upset little boy – if they find him? If the child is found and hopefully soon, and because of the parent’s admission they ditched the kid, they should be required to cover the costs of all the emergency services, rescue personnel and helicopter rescue flying time expended to find the child. Karmic punishment.

Source: BBC

Japan parents left missing boy in woods ‘as punishment’

29 May 2016

Seven year-old boy ditched by his Japanese parents as "punishment".

Seven year-old boy ditched by his Japanese parents as “punishment”.

The parents of a seven-year-old boy missing in the mountains of northern Japan have admitted that they left him alone in the woods as a punishment.

The child has not been seen for two days, since his parents abandoned him in northern Hokkaido, a region home to wild bears.

The couple first told police he got lost as they foraged for vegetables.

But they later confessed they had left him alone for five minutes to punish him but when they returned he had gone.

Hundreds of emergency service workers are combing the area in search of the boy.

The father told a TV Asahi reporter he did not dare admit the truth while requesting a search.

The couple had walked some 500m (a third of a mile) from the child before returning, the TV channel reported.