Part 2: Large number of autistic children in Japan and the connection between vaccines, autism and parasites

Using the trains a lot in Japan I see more often than not Japanese parents, or a parent, escorting their seemingly autistic children. I’ve noticed these autistic Japanese children by observing their behavior: babbling; rocking back and forth; erratic behavior; lack of empathy for others around them; sudden loud noises; no emotions; no eye-to-eye contact; repetitive use of language; unusual focus on objects. Statistics indicate that Japan has an unusually high number of autistic children in the population, some researchers suggesting the highest rates of autism in the world for any country.

The evidence now suggests vaccinations cause in the intestines of children an excess build up of mucous which in turn creates conditions for parasite growth. Through thousands of stool samples from children, it was discovered that their bowel movements were mucousal and slimy. This is how several researchers eventually came to link autism to vaccines via the gastrointestinal tract. What they have discovered happening is the degradation of the gastrointestinal tract’s function in children. Nearly all symptoms of ill health are caused by parasites. What this suggests is that by having compromised gastrointestinal tracts early on in life in children, this compromised environment allows parasites to flourish.  In turn, this is causing autism resulting from the toxins being expelled by parasites including formaldehyde, amphetamine excretion and high levels of toxic ammonia.  The symptoms of ammonia poisoning in humans are: confusion; seizures; intellectual impairment; disorientation; behavior disturbances; chronic neurological symptoms. These are precisely some of the same behavior I’ve seen in children on the trains in Japan being escorted by their parents.

"Mommy and daddy, I think Fifi has round worms, can you please check me too for parasites after I get my vaccinations?"

“Mommy and daddy, I think Fifi has round worms, can you please check me too for parasites after I get my vaccinations?”

Children are at the highest risk of worm infection regardless of their hygienic condition. So don’t let the idea that because the Japanese take baths everyday and have onsens (温泉), this will somehow prevent the infestation of parasites inside the intestines of children. What medical professionals and research laboratories in Japan need to do is to begin collecting data and evidence on the causes of autism and that it can almost certainly be connected to vaccinations. Parasites have been around longer than man. How many children in Japan have pet cats and dogs and those pets are allowed to lick infants after these infants have just had vaccinations? Dogs and cats are known to carry tape worms and round worms which are transmitted to their human owners.

I have put up a page on this blog I’ve titled Vaccinations, Autism and Parasites for people wanting to learn more about the connection of vaccinations to autism and parasites.

Now, for something really gross…this is the kind of shit possibly living inside children…these parasites excrete toxic amounts of formaldehyde, amphetamines and ammonia.

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