U.S. 21 year-old female navy enlisted member collides with two cars in Okinawa while driving drunk

As if news coming out of Okinawa isn’t devastating enough for the US Military after an ex-marine was arrested for the murder of a 20 year-old Japanese girl, a 21 year-old US military enlisted member has been arrested for drunk driving off Kadena Air Base the enlisted member was assigned to. The female enlisted member driving drunk crossed the center line and hit two oncoming cars. The drivers of the two cars sustained minor injuries. So, what’s next for the US military in Okinawa? Withdraw from the island and return to the US? Prevent military personal from leaving their bases in Okinawa? Hold their hands when they leave the base? The Katehon article suggested the female military member arrested for drunk driving in Okinawa yesterday was an “officer”, but this is incorrect. The 21-year-old Aimee Mejia, is an enlisted US Navy member. Another “very regrettable incident” by the US military in Okinawa.


U.S. navy officer arrested in Japan

Sunday, 5 June, 2016 – 15:15

A U.S. Navy officer was arrested on Sunday for drunk driving in Japanese southernmost island prefecture of Okinawa.

The drunk driving left two local people injured, according to local reports.

The Okinawa prefectural police arrested 21-year-old Aimee Mejia, a petty officer 2nd class stationed at the U.S. Kadena base, said Japan’s Kyodo News, adding that she is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in the town of Kadena late Saturday, crossing into the opposite lane and colliding with two vehicles.

Mejia’s alcohol reading in a breath test was as much as six times than the level allowed by law, local police was quoted as saying, and two people in the two collided vehicles were injured.

The case follows a death of an Okinawan woman who was killed by a U.S. former marine corps last month. The woman’s death prompted the Japanese government to lodge protests with U.S. government, including one that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lodged with U.S. President Barack Obama when he visited the island country for a summit of the Group of Seven.

The latest case came after the U.S. Forces based in Okinawa imposed a midnight curfew and alcohol ban off base for about a month due to the arrest of the former marine corps, Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, who is on suspicion of killing and dumping the body of the 20-year-old woman in late May.