High end expensive foreign motorcycles offer owners in Japan status but not much fun for riding

Owners of foreign and expensive motorcycles like Ducati and bimota (engineered with Ducati engines) in Japan often buy these high end motorcycles not to ride, but rather as status symbols of their wealth. Theses high end foreign motorcycles like Ducati and bimota, sell in Japan anywhere from ¥3 to ¥5 million (US30,000 to US50,000) depending on where they buy their motorcycles from. More often than not, after these motorcycles are purchased, they are hardly ever ridden sitting collecting dust and rusting. The chain on this black Ducati required replacement because of rust corrosion and is priced at ¥80,000 (US800).


The last Ducati that came in for repairs required a chain replacement, but also the sheathing around the connection where the piston is attached to the crank shaft had to be replaced at a huge cost. The sheathing cracked from the sudden stress caused by the sudden increase in engine heat and higher rpm when the motorcycle came out of storage and was rode after a long period of time. The cracked sheathing caused deep abrasions on the crank shaft so that had to be replaced as well.  The huge cost for the crank shaft alone ran ¥250,000 (US2,500). This black Ducati motorcycle is engineered with a 1200cc engine, so not only do these large high end expensive motorcycles not get ridden very often, bit where in Japan do you ride a motorcycle with this kind of power?


This bimota motorcycle is from Italy designed with a Ducati engine with a pivotal front suspension steering system. There were only 140 of these particular motorcycles manufactured and approximately 40 of them were sold in Japan. The majority of these motorcycles like this bimota are purchased more as symbols of wealth by their owners and are hardly ever taken out for serious fun riding. This bimota motorcycle has less than 3,000 kilometers on it and is in the shop for major repairs. When these motorcycles sit for long periods of time and are then taken out for a ride, the sudden acceleration and heat stress creates conditions in the engine in which the parts wear incorrectly or fracture often from lack of proper lubrication. Internal parts like bearings and sheathing all wear differently. In many instances, the stress breaks internal parts like bearings, fittings and sheathing.