Japanese with high cholesterol are being conned by pharmaceutical drug companies and their doctors

The best way to eat eggs are poached - eat lot's of them too.

The best way to eat eggs are poached – eat lot’s of them too.

Here is another example of a powerful pharmaceutical company making inroads into Japan to sell medication by injection to reduce cholesterol. In the United States alone, US$100 billion is spent on the testing for cholesterol and related drugs for reducing cholesterol. Cholesterol testing alone both in the United States and Japan is a huge industry for established medical institutions being paid off by the insurance industry. The evidence is increasing indicating the medical establishment along with pharmaceutical cartels are scaring people with the dangers of high cholesterol.  One of the biggest scare tactics in Japan that has been used is to scare people away from eating too many eggs. Eggs are “bad for you.” Eggs “cause high cholesterol”. A doctor’s visit for a cholesterol test the patient will be told to “reduce cholesterol by eating fewer eggs”. And on and on goes the false mantra. Well, friends, that’s all bullshit. And if you eat eggs, then by all means, eat lot’s of them and make sure they are poached.

Tons of maragerine is eaten in Japan every year. If you want heart disease keep eating it.

Tons of margarine eaten in Japan every year. If you want heart disease keep eating it.

And to demonstrate just how much the cholesterol scare is bullshit, Doctor Joel Wallach announced a few weeks ago a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Statin Drugs for its promoting its anti-cholesterol drug. The Japanese who have a high regard for doctors, will be told that if their cholesterol is high, it is suggested to take drugs. There are no other suggestions or assistance for high cholesterol except prescribing drugs. The Eskimos are smarter than most doctors. All they eat are seals and they don’t suffer from cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, there are some Japanese people who are waking up to this medical anti-cholesterol scam and demonstrate that older Japanese with higher cholesterol live longer. Four Japanese researchers published an analysis on cholesterol guidelines and Statin drugs in the April 2015 edition of the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. The study can be read here. Cholesterol is an important nutrient and this is what the pharmaceutical industry and doctors do not want people learning about.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, the Scottish doctor who wrote The Great Cholesterol Con recently stated on his blog that he has read the entire 116 page review:

For many years I have told anyone who will listen that, if you have a high cholesterol level, you will live longer. Equally, if you have a low cholesterol level, you will die younger. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fact. The older you become the more beneficial it is to have a high cholesterol level.

This fact has become more difficult to demonstrate recently as so many people have been put on statins that the association between cholesterol levels and mortality has been twisted, bent and pummeled into the weirdest shapes imaginable. However, Japan, provides some very interesting data.