Expense accounts please on all of Japan’s politicians and bureaucrats and not just Yoichi Masuzoe

Now that Yoichi Masuzoe as mayor of Tokyo has agreed to resign, he has disappeared from the LDP-controlled and influenced media in Japan. Ever since Yoichi Masuzoe suddenly came crashing into our lives 24 hours a day on the news, way back in the depths of my mind, I figured something more is going on here than the personal use of tax money on private visits to summer retreats, using government transportation, fine hotels and meals, a few comic books and a few babes on the side. Every politician in Japan is involved at some point and in some discreet way, either himself or is knowledgeable of similar circumstances, so who ratted on Yoichi Masuzoe even though Masuzoe was supported by Shinzo Abe? There is sort of this secret bureaucratic code within the Japanese governmental bureaucracies that says, “Okay, I won’t rat you out if you won’t rat me out. “Yoichi Masuzoe must have really pissed somebody or some faction off within the Japanese power structure.

It appears that Masuzoe was also promising to restart nuclear reactors in Japan in a move that would reduce Japan’s payments to powerful oil cartels for oil-powered electricity generation. That is probably just one of Yoichi Masuzoe’s transgressions agianst the international oil criminal syndicate. There are probably others as well if one takes the time to look deeply enough. It interested me that had Yoichi Masuzoe been that terribly guilty of using public tax money for his personal lifestyle only, he would have been in a constant sweat while under such incredibly efficient and ruthlessly unforgiving Japanese public scrutiny. He never even fucking drew a bead of sweat and he didn’t flinch one muscle. That is a sign of anger and being fearless in the face of his pathetic chicken shit accusers. I like this guy.

The other aspect here is that these recent revelations of how Masuzoe used public tax money for such things as comic books for his children (such a scandalous crime), holidays and art, whatever Masuzoe was working on behind the scenes politically, it stood to risk Shinzo Abe’s reelection this summer. Can we see all the expense accounts for every politician and bureaucracy employed inside Japan’s massive bureaucracies please? Come on fellas, let’s see the accounts.