After the big barbecue outing by the river trash liters the entire river bank

Close to where I live there is a river where I spend a lot of time during the summer heat swimming in the river’s fast moving currents for about 200-300 meters. It is important to get out of the river at that point before the river current picks up speed at a bend heading south. Makes for great fun during the heat and humidity of summer.  A few years back on steep stone outcropping at about 8 meters high, I tied a large rope to a tree branch for local children to swing out over the river and drop into the deepest part at a bend in the river. A large open grassy area along the river makes it a great location for running sprints and doing calisthenics. After a good workout, I usually then run over to the river and jump in just after the swirling water and ride the current down the river for 200 or 300 meters. During the summer and on holidays, many Japanese converge along the banks of this river where the area is flat and slightly elevated to have their ritual summer and holiday “barbecues.”

It’s basically a fairly clean and quite area along this part of the river with very few people using the area. The exceptions are during the summers and on weekends when the holiday barbecue crowds converge for their big outing by the river. A very small area with hundreds of people packed into it who are all barbecuing and who will inevitably leave their trash behind. As expected, they always leave their shit behind trashing the area by the river where its relatively flat making for a good picnic area. The entire area is littered with trash and blackened from fires all over the bank of the river. Then also the smell of burnt grease and fat is thick in the air after the big barbecue. What could be so hard about taking their trash back home with them after the big barbecue outing by the river?