Congratulations Japan, less is better as the minimalist movement grows to replace rapacious consumerism (an ideology)

In a Reuters produced YouTube video which they have unfortunately disabled embedding, you can view what several Japanese have done to move forward with the idea of being a minimalist. Reuters is reporting that an increasing number of Japanese are going minimalist, which I personally find to be a very healthy alternative to Japan’s rapacious consumerism.  Consumerism is actually a concept, or an ideology that Japanese have bought into from Japan’s large corporations through Japan’s extremely powerful and influential PR firms. This movement towards owning less junk isn’t about money, it is rather about a conscious desire to consume less which could only be a healthy direction for most Japanese people.

I’ve always thought of consumerism as slightly less than being a mental disease, or an economic ideology or concept people easily buy into like any other ideology. If communism for example, can inculcate the banker-created ideology of being a good communist, why can’t the banker-created concept of capitalism have an equally powerful influence over an individuals thinking to be a good consumer? A good communist and a good consumerist. What’s fascinating is that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental. Disorders (DSM-II) doesn’t specifically address “consumerism” as a behavioral problem. Ever wonder why?


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Japan, less is better as the minimalist movement grows to replace rapacious consumerism (an ideology)

  1. But how does your admiration of the minimalist lifestyle align with your venture to sell people bogus anti-wrinkle cream?

    • Admiration? Who is discussing “admiration?” Perhaps you should use a better descriptive word, no? Just like “bogus”, your use of words that demonstrate condescension have no credibility or significance.

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