Japan, let us show you what economic warfare is really about in case you have any questions about your relation with Russia

Most people do not know that Russian manufactured aircraft are banned from landing at Western airports because of economic sanctions against Russia. As a result of this ban, Iran was forced to purchase Boeing aircraft in a $25 billion dollar deal announced yesterday. When western media reports covered this story, of course there was no mention of economic sanctions against Russia, and that Iran had simply chosen Boeing over Sukoi because Boeing was somehow a “better aircraft.” Since the western media is essentially corporate propaganda controlling how people think, nothing could be further from the truth, so pay attention Japan, as your country flirts closer and closer with Russian economic collaboration. Iran had originally wanted a fleet of Sukhoi superjets. Sukoi superjets are cheaper, and have proven equal to Boeing. But Russian made jets are banned from landing in Western airports – economic warfare – so Sukhoi lost the deal. That’s right – most people don’t know it, but aircraft made in Russia are not allowed to land in European and American airports, no matter what their safety record is.

This is to ensure a western monopoly on aircraft manufacturing. Just like all airports are required to have Israeli security so Israel can have a monopoly on “terror.” By simply banning Russian aircraft, for no reason at all, the entire airline market can be kept firmly in the pockets of America and Europe. That’s economic warfare at it’s finest. So before you go believing Iran is groveling after Western technology and aircraft, consider that, they are not, the reality is that they have no choice but to buy into the regulation-imposed Western aircraft manufacturing monopoly.