Japanese company designed the iVOTE “surrogate voting robot” for use in Brexit referendum vote

The British people voted in a referendum to leave the European Union and it was a Japanese company that designs a “robot” called “iVOTE” which was tested in the UK in the recent voting for the Brexit referendum. During the voting in the Brexit referendum to leave the EU, it was discovered that up to 23% of the Brexit Remain ballots were cast 3.8 million times by fake people in the UK’s EU referendum. This isn’t really clear if this iVOTE online portal was compromised or not. In Australia, the iVOTE system being compromised was apparently downplayed in an Australian election in 2015. This revelation came as a Japanese company revealed what it calls its “new iVOTE series of surrogate voting robots” and that they had been asked to test it in the UK apparently by a Mr A Blair. This article, whoever wrote it, didn’t make it entirely clear as to why this was such “shocking news”. The Japanese company that manufacturers this “surrogate voting robot” (online voting portal) designed this voting machine so that more people in Japan could vote who find themselves isolated and difficult to get to voting locations.


iVOTE inc were given 4.8 polling cards with the instructions to vote REMAIN and told that a live test was need before contracts to roll out iVOTE in 27 other countries but that the votes would not be counted this time.

BUT no one told the electoral commission.

The iVOTE robots were to cast 1.2m votes in each the Scotland & England, with 200k each in Wales in Northern Ireland and 1m in London area of the UK.

Each of 380,000 iVOTE robots were engaged in casting 10 votes in several polling stations with a face plate change each time with each having a different accent in each area.

Dramatically this puts the results now at:

England: REMAIN 11,066,997 LEAVE 15,188,405
Scotland: REMAIN 461,191 LEAVE 1,018,322
Northern Ireland REMAIN 240,707 LEAVE 349,442
Wales: REMAIN 272,347 LEAVE 854,572

And in London REMAIN 1,263,519 LEAVE 1,513,232


Only one iVOTE Robot Malfunctioning and voting Leave due to getting damp on the Isle of Wight ferry.

The real figures for the UK’s EU referendum were discovered after the failing Isle of Wight Robot collapsed and was found babbling iVOTE REMAIN, due to a neural failure caused by the conflict of voting against its program and engineers after they investigated then reported the matter to the Electoral Commission who contacted IVOTE Inc and were given the figures to deduct.


REMAIN 12,341,240 LEAVE 17,410,741

The iVOTE series of surrogate robot test was declared a success by iVOTE Inc. Mr A Blair was unavailable for comment.