Mateusz Urbanowicz finished his latest series of watercolor paintings called “Tokyo Storefront”

Off tumblr discovered Mateusz Urbanowicz (マテウシュ・ウルバノヴィチ ) who is a water color artist in Tokyo who paints the most amazing water color paintings in different series including “Cold in Yokohama“, “Bicycle Boy“, “Right Places” and his latest series called “Tokyo Storefront.” Mateusz Urbanowicz is on twitter and has several sites including tumblr and this related site. Take the time to view some of Mateusz’ water color paintings in his different series because they are really spectacular paintings. Fun to view too especially for perhaps many long term foreign residents of Japan who may be familiar with a lot of the subjects in Urbanowicz’s watercolor paintings. Some of his paintings are astonishingly detailed and exceed even some of Japan’s best anime cartoonists. For anyone interested you can view Mateusz Urbanowicz’s bio off his website. Mateusz Urbanowicz, is originally from Poland.



Tokyo Storefront #10 (last) Noike