Ms Park Yu-ha writes the truth about Nanking and Japan’s “comfort women” and it is obvious people do not like the truth

Most of the history of what the world has been told about Japan’s alleged atrocities in Nanking and Japan’s “comfort women” is basically a lot of bullshit never accepting 80 percent of what I have read  from “official” sources on the subject. Park Yu-ha is currently a professor at the College of Liberal Arts, Sejong University. She has researched the history of Japanese-Korean relations related to comfort women criticizing the Korean interpretation of comfort women as exclusively “sex slaves.” This has caused a major backlash in South Korea against her with her opponents calling her a “pro-Japanese traitor.” Ms Park Yu-ha wrote a book titled Comfort Woman of the Empire published in 2014 and her book has brought the wrath of the pro-war establishment down on her head. Ms. Park is quoted:

“They do not want you to see other aspects of the comfort women,” the soft-spoken Ms. Park said during a recent interview at a quiet street-corner cafe run by one of her supporters. “If you do, they think you are diluting the issue, giving Japan indulgence.”

Ms Park brought up several important aspects in her research written about in her book, particularly, “many of the prostitutes were willing participants”, and “there were also women who freely cavorted with and sometimes fell in love with Japanese soldiers”. What was also witnessed was that many of the “sex slaves” were sold by their families into the world’s largest profession of prostitution, while many more freely offered themselves for money. Ms. Parks is well qualified to write a correct version of this history. She graduated from Keio University in 1981. She earned an M.A. from Waseda University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in 1993. She forst came across the subject of “comfort women” in 1991.

So it’s apparent she knows quite a bit about Japan’s history. See what happens when you start messing around with the truth and how the alleged “comfort women” of the Japanese military in Korea weren’t organized by the Japanese government, it was organized by “private profiteering pimps.” A Japanese language version of Ms Park’s book Comfort Women of the Empire was also published in Japan in November 2014. As expected and probably because of financial reasons, a group of former comfort women sought to ban sales of Ms. Park’s book. They claimed that it depicted them as prostitutes and collaborators with Japan. In November 2015, a group of 54 scholars from Japan and the United States, issued a statement criticizing South Korean prosecutors for “suppressing the freedom of scholarship and press.” As if the Americans don’t have a lot of explaining to do about their own intentional obfuscation of history as well?

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