Doorman in Hong Kong paid US$200 a week by the US to carry placards and throw sh-t at protestors over Japan-China Senkaku Island issue

Yesterday, I was listening to an interview of an intriguing investment manager located in Hong Kong on the geopolitics related to Japan’s relationship with the US, Russia and China. His opinion is that Japan and China are “trading buddies”, and that Japan is drawing closer to Russia. No really big revelation here. He suggested Japan will start making moves to join the Eurasian Economic Union which explains why Japan might be buying gold. If Japan doesn’t join the Eurasian Economic Union, it would be completely contrary to its own economic survival. This explains why any confrontation over a few chunks of rock sitting out in the Pacific Ocean is an issue that was not created by the Japanese (created by a few Japanese politicians closely associated with Anglo-Americans), but forced on Japan by their masters in America. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe it was mentioned, has thoroughly upset the Americans by not cooperating with American foreign policy aligned against China and Russia even to the point of Japan provoking China or Russia into war.

Japan is "playing a game of Go" with the Anglo-Americans.

Japan is “playing a game of Go” with the Anglo-Americans.

During the interview, this investment manager talked about his doorman at the office building where his investment firm is located in Hong Kong.  During a recent conversation with his doorman, he told this investment manager “his son is paid US$200 a week to carry protest signs and to throw shit at protestors over the Senkaku Islands issue between Japan and China.”  Turns out this son of the doorman who is Chinese, is paid by the US to cause problems with the protestors in Hong Kong to intentionally agitate tensions between Japan and China. Japan is in a balancing act between Russia, China and the Americans which makes me think high level negotiations are constantly taking place between Chinese and Japanese diplomats to remain calm over the Senkaku Islands issue even though in public the two countries are pelting stones at each other. Japan is “playing a game of Go” with the Anglo-Americans.