Advanced futuristic technology being developed to move the economy and war into space

As the economy moves further into space there will be technologies introduced that will seem at first mind blowing using advanced types of 3D printing. The UK-based corporation BAE Systems have introduced a theoretical high tech idea to assemble drones in large vats in which BAE Systems call “Chemputers.” These drones would be assembled in large manufacturing plants and would only take days compared to months with a piece-by-piece approach with usual 3D printing technology. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and are now commonly used for military purposes, from scouting operations to spying and surveillance. Their use can remove the need for human operators in the field and the market for this technology has barely been tapped. Space wars here we come. With a large “chemputer” manufacturing facility on the moon, these drones could be mass manufactured to take man’s economy and wars into space just like in Star Wars.

Lab grown drones ‘Chemputers’ could make self assembling craft