Japan’s Yoshiro Mori claims Japan owns the motivation and reason for Japanese athletes attending the 2016 Olympics in Brazil

Interesting take on Japan’s national anthem. Japan’s previous Prime Minster Yoshiro Mori, although for a very short time who is now chief of the 2020 Olympics, doesn’t want Japanese athletes “mumbling the anthem” when they go to Brazil to participate in the 2016 Summer Olympics. The nationalist Yoshihiro Mori stated he didn’t think Japanese athletes had no right to represent Japan if they didn’t sing Japan’s national anthem “properly.” The assertion here by Mori is that Japanese athletes are participating in the Olympics for the country of Japan rather than on their own merits as individuals and sports competitors. This is a fairly good example of how the state steps in and claims “ownership” of a Japanese athletes motivation and reason for training and eventually competing in the Olympics. In other words, without Japan these athletes wouldn’t have become the outstanding athletes they have become after years and years of hard training. How many of these Japanese competitors are competing against themselves to achieve excellence in athletics on their own individual merits rather than necessarily for the state of Japan?

Source: BBC

Tokyo 2020 chief tells Japanese athletes not to mumble anthem

July 5, 2016

Image caption Mori said at a send-off ceremony that athletes who did not sing properly did not deserve to represent Japan

Japan’s Olympic team has been warned by the president of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee not to “mumble” the national anthem.

Those who did not sing properly did not deserve to represent the country, said Yoshiro Mori, a former prime minister with a history of gaffes.

He was speaking to 300 athletes at a send-off ahead of the August Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Reports say attendees had just sung Kimigayo, Japan’s national anthem.

“When you go up to the podium, please do not be mumbling but sing the national anthem,” Mr Mori told those gathered on Sunday.

“Athletes who cannot sing the anthem should not be considered to be Japan’s representatives,” the Asahi newspaper reports him as saying.

Mori, who served as prime minister from 2000 to 2001, is well known for his off-the-cuff remarks.

In February 2014, he claimed that English was the “enemy’s language”, when asked why he spoke Japanese instead of English while addressing an international audience.