The ruling LDP in Japan retains its power – more of the same despite all the media hype on television

Japan’s ruling parliamentary coalition consisting of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Komeito Party have received more than two thirds of the seats in the House of Councillors. This voting outcome will allow the head of the Japanese government to control the upper house of Japan’s parliament.

All 242 members of the House of Councillors elected yesterday, will determine the shape of the Japanese legislation over the next six years. All the legislative initiatives in the country will pass through the LDP-controlled chamber. Control of the vote of the upper house of parliament for the first time will allow Japan to reconsider their postwar constitution. What this will mean is that Japan can be “re-declared as a country with a full Ministry of Defense with Japan’s expanding armed forces.

Prior to these elections for control of the House of Councillors, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of the Prime Minister of Japan and the opposition Democratic Party, led by former Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada, divided approximately equally in the House of Councillors. The lower house of parliament is now completely dominated by the LDP, which facilitates the ruling party’s legislative control process. So, under the LDP’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and despite all the media hype on television, nothing will change for the average Japanese person. Japan will continue its militarization. “Freedom and democracy” for the LDP with more of the same for the average Japanese.