Hopefully Ayako Fujiki’s musical compositions will help return to the Japanese their lost sensitivity to nature

Introduce Ayako Fujiki, a Japanese pianist set to release a new album of personally composed music. Ayako Fujiki’s Brightwater is a “melodic journey inspired by elements of nature, offering reflections on the beauty of eroded landscapes”. It is quite beautiful and definitely worth listening to. This sensitivity to nature claimed to be part of her music, “is distinctively Japanese”, but Ayako’s music has several layers; having trained under renowned pianist Alicia de Larrocha, and now living in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Ayako also takes inspiration from Spanish classical music and culture.

Having gained accolades in the Spanish media, who describe Fujiki as “one of the most significant Japanese composers of contemporary classical music”, Ayako Fujiki is clearly engaging audiences across the globe. With a September release date in the UK, and performances planned, Ayako looks set to captivate audiences. I’ll go along with all of that except the alleged part about the a Japanese having “sensitivity to nature.” I think that sensitivity has pretty much been stripped out of the Japanese. Maybe though, Ayako Fujiki’s music can help replace that lost sensitivity to nature?

Ayako Fujiki – Bright Water [Videoclip Oficial]