Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries working out contract to sell 80 70-seat regional jets to Iran

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries scored big with this if they can secure a contract with Iran to purchase Mitsubishi’s newest jet. The plan is to purchase 80 70-seat Mitsubishi Regional jets for domestic routes inside Iran. Since sanctions were lifted against Iran, this has paved the way for not only Mitsubishi, but Boeing and Airbus to work on contracts to sell respective aircraft to Iran. If the contract goes through for Mitsubishi, it means Mitsubishi will likely hire on additional employees. Let’s hope they pay them appropriately considering salaries are stagnant in Japan and have been so for a very long time.


Source: PressTV

Iran to buy planes from Mitsubishi

July 12, 2016 2:58PM

Iran has reportedly started talks to purchase planes from Mitsubishi Aircraft – the aviation arm of Japan’s industrial giant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Japan’s media say the country’s Mitsubishi Aircraft is negotiating with Iran to provide the country with its regional passenger jets that are currently under development.

The Nikki newspaper says in a report that Mitsubishi Aircraft – the aviation arm of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – began market surveys into Iran last September, four months before the U.S. lifted sanctions.

The company has been negotiating over jet sales with Iran’s flag carrier Iran Air and Iran Aseman Airlines, as well as the country’s aviation authorities.

Iran Air is weighing purchasing 80 70-seat Mitsubishi Regional Jets and using them for domestic routes, Nikki added. Executives from both sides also discussed a possible deal last month during the International Air Transport Association conference in Dublin.

The report added that Mitsubishi is trying to use the help of the Japanese government over the purchase and wants to make use of state-backed financing.

Iranian airliner Iran Air and Boeing reached a memorandum of agreement in June, under which a total of 80 aircraft will be sold to Iran and a further 29 will be leased with Boeing’s support as part of a $25 billion contract.

Meanwhile, Boeing’s European rival Airbus is also awaiting Washington’s approval of an agreement with Tehran over the purchase of 118 planes, worth over $27 billion.

The deals with Boeing and Airbus came after aircraft sanctions against Tehran were lifted under a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of nations—the US, Russia, France, Britain, China and Germany—reached in July last year.