For the brain dead: clamp whatever is left of your brain to the intelligence and CIA links to Pokemon Go

Have been away the last two days on business and while away spent some time thinking and reading on this new game phenomenon Pokemon Go. And just as I expected the links to the CIA and the intelligence are starting to appear. So, for all you brain cell dead zombie game players, here’s something to clamp what is ever left of your brain to. So, Pokemon Go game players, the intelligence community and the CIA along with Google are collecting a colossal amount of data on you. It has become so bad with this Pokemon Go shit, that Russia has banned Pokemon Go from being played in Russia because of the ties to the CIA.

Pokemon Go’s creator, Niantec, is closely linked to the CIA. Niantec CEO John Hanke created Keyhole in 2001 – which was later bought by Google. The only upside might be that Pokemon Go players are getting a lot of exercise by walking all over the damn place chasing down their monsters. Be sure to listen to the discussion at the linked article below. Also see the article “The CIA’s ‘Pokémon Go’ App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t” by James Corbett at The Corbett Report. Hello In-Q-Tell. Imagine running around chasing goddamn monsters on Pokemon Go working for Google and the intelligence agencies? The species is reverting to fucking children.



Source: 21st Century Wire

Boiler Room #66 – Globo-Terror & The PokeGo-pocalypse

July 21, 2016

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Join ACR hosts Hesher, & Spore along with Andy Nowicki of Alt Right Blogspot and Stewart Howe. Tonight the Boiler sees the triumphant return of both Stewart Howe and Andy Nowicki for a lively discussion on the phenomenon of ‘PokemonGo’ and it’s nefarious connections to Google and the CIA. We also cover the forces funding the Black Lives Matter movement from behind the scenes, a continuing analysis of the barrage Gladio style terror as portrayed by the Main Stream Media and whatever else crosses our radar in the live setting.