Taking wagers to see how the first Japanese Pokemon Go game player will get killed

Pokémon Go officially opens in Japan, so I guess this means we will be treated to young Japanese zombies running and walking all over the streets of Tokyo chasing their Pokemon Go monsters. This is going to be sort of intriguing so maybe we start up a wager to see how the first Japanese Pokémon Go player is killed. Will the Japanese Pokémon Go player walk out in front of a train or a taxi first and get killed? Place your bets. The Japanese government has already set out a nine step warning plan of what to be careful of when playing Pokémon Go. Here’s a better guide: Don’t play the fucking game. You have to be absolutely shitting me. So not only will Google and respective intelligence agencies including the American CIA, be collecting an enormous amount of data on Pokemon Go players in the US, but no also here in Japan.


Source: Financial Times

Nintendo surges as Pokémon Go launches in Japan

July 22, 2016

by: Hudson Lockett

Pokémon Go starts in JapanPokémon Go has launched in the homeland of the Nintendo franchise at last, prompting the Japanese games group’s shares to rise as much as 6.9 per cent to ¥29,920 in early trading.

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Servers appeared to have already crashed shortly after word began to spread that the launch was on and the population began downloading the game en masse.

Japanese school summer holidays also began on Tuesday, meaning there’s theoretically a huge number of children out and about – although the weather in the Tokyo area is rather drizzly.

Japan’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity released a nine-step set of warnings yesterday about the dangers posed by smartphone gaming, such as unawareness of imminent tsunamis (see image below), and the need to know how to use public phones if one’s battery dies after too much gaming.