Late but a tribute to Mariko Akitaya found floating in Miura Bay one year ago July 19, 2015

Mariko Akitaya (1973-2015) RIP

Mariko Akitaya (1973 – July 19, 2015) RIP

I meant to get a post out on July 19, 2016 but became busy and couldn’t get to it. This was exactly one year ago that Mariko Akitaya’s body was found wrapped in a vinyl sheet tied to a brick floating in Miura Bay. As I discussed at the time, Mariko Akitaya would be entirely forgotten as the story moved on with Gregory Gumo, who was convicted and sentenced to one year and six months for “abandoning the body” of Mariko Akitaya. In one year and four months, Gregory Gumo will be released from prison to continue on with his life, while Mariko Akitaya has been forgotten.

Anyway, this is a tribute post for Mariko Akitaya, not because of her foolish behavior getting involved with Gregory Gumo, who at the time was married with three children, but just the value of a human life gone because of the most sordid reasons. I don’t think there is a cure for human stupidity, greed, lust and deception where in Mariko Akitaya’s case all this culminated in her death, the details of which I’m sure we will never know. Good bye, Mariko, RIP.