Half Past Human with the the “art and science of predictive linguistics” on Bitcoin’s movement

Over the years have been a fan of sorts of Cliff High who has developed bots that can look for linguistic terms on the internet which can then be evaluated for possible coming events. I guess that’s the best way to describe  what Cliff High has been doing. Cliff’s website is Half Past Human and might be a good site to evaluate when you are looking for possible future outcomes. Cliff thinks we are passing through a critical time and his take on Bitcoin is certainly worth a listen when analyzed from the bots he sends out using what Cliff calls “the science of predictive linguistics.” Pay attention to Cliff’s comments in the clip which are also below in the text.

Source: Half Past Human

Welcome to halfpasthuman – a website helping you get the most from your future today…using the art and science of predictive linguistics.

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clif’s wujo 7-27-16

Had some questions about BTC crashing…and yes, it has come down in relative fiat value over the last few days. There are people saying it is due to the exchange hack, or the ETH wars or ???…as time passes who will remember what was the most popular expressed reason offered? I have been with BTC for a while and have sufficient memory to note that before every new and higher floor is built under BTC, yet another point of weakness is shaken out of the system. So there have been exchange hacks, and Silk road busts, and other such problems emerge with BTC over these past few years, and yet, here we are, addressing the subject from yet another higher level in fiat currencies. Oh, perspective… after all…internet is 20 years old, Bitcoin is 7 years old.

So a couple of very very trite sayings to calm the mind a bit as they are also very, very true:

for speculators….this is why pussies don’t play the game.

for savers….days like this show character, build the intestinal fortitude that alters your epigenetics for life. It brings out what the traders admire as strong hands. The local Squaxin tribe says “a moment’s pain, a lifetime of pride”.

for doubters….time will tell….and it does, and has, and will have so done, if one knows how to read it….

for epilogue, one is not really a bitcoiner until you have been through a couple of these episodes. They pass, and are a good time to dump some more central authorities paper.