Here is an interesting interpretation of Jews this time coming from Japan and the Zigma Army

Not sure how I discovered this YouTube clip of a Japanese man expounding on Jews and their perceived threat to the rest of us, but it makes me wonder just how deep this goes into Japan’s institutions in their interpretation of Jews? Doesn’t make any difference to me how people perceive or interpret Jews, their religion, their doctrines, their social patterns and their history in deciding to put this YouTube clip up as a post here. In this video presentation, the presenter claims “the unprecedented disclosure of the spiritual origins of the Judaya=Jews revealed!” It is alleged that the Akashic records have been reviewed and decrypted by the works of Supreme Commander Haku Zynkyoku (Zigma Army) over the course of 25 years “explicating the true identity of the God of Jews=Prometheus.” I thought this would be an interesting look at a certain element inside Japan who might just agree with Haku Zynkyoku noticing that he is aware of the work of the British former Mi6 officer John Coleman and the American revisionist historian Eustace Mullins.

The origin of the “JEWS” lies in the former universe [4/4] Talks by HAKU Zynkyoku #54