Steem cryptocurrency through blockchain technology to pay contributors for high quality content compared to twitter or facebook

If anyone is interested in getting paid for your online efforts related to something that you are good at, like a skill, art, photography, computers, serious content or maybe even journalism or investigative journalism, then you should probably consider going to and registering as a member. I will say from the very beginning, I posted an introductory post at and that introductory post is now worth US$329.51. What is Steem? Steem is an incentivized, blockchain-based social media platform. I have become involved with Steem because for me, it represents from what I can tell after three days, developing meritocracy among Steem’s members for high quality useful content. If you’ve wanted to get involved in the cryotocurrency economy but didn’t know how, here is where to begin. And if you do not have cryptocurrency or are thinking of buying Bitcoin, please contact me and I will take you through steps I am taking to get free Bitcoin. Either that or wait for future coming posts on this subject. I posted a short YouTube video below that gives a further summary of what Steem is all about.

This blog post is probably more for my own learning experience since I just became involved with Steem. This blog seems to be a good place to document my learning efforts while archiving it for further reference with all these new technologies, especially cryptocurrencies, blockchain and social media. The huge advantage of Steem over other social media sites like the big ones reddittwitter and Facebook, is that Steem is designed to pay users compared to twitter and Facebook that only take in revenue made possible  by their millions and millions of users. When people fully comprehend what Steem means for users who provide quality content after reading Steem’s white paper url hyper linked below, readers will be refreshingly encouraged to redirect their social media content. What does Steem mean for myself? It means that I will also be publishing material from this blog to Steem in the future therefore forcing me to provide better quality content. If you need a good guide on how to use Steem, a couple of Steem members have prepared an excellent introductory post.

What exactly is Well, rather than myself trying to put together a summary, especially with my poor writing skills, I’ve taken Steem’s white paper and posted the abstract for and posted it here for readers. If you are going to become involved with Steem, I would highly recommend first to read Steem’s White Paper which is 44 pages long. Very few people are reading this important document and far fewer are applying the real potential of Steem up until this point since March, 2016. The following paragraph is Steem’s abstract from their white paper to give readers a brief introduction:


Steem is a block chain database that supports community building and social interactions with cryptocurrency rewards. Steem combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cyptocurrencies and their communities. An important key to inspiring participation in any community, currency or free market economy is a fair accounting system that consistently reflects each person’s contribution. Steem is the first cryptocurrency that attempts to and transparently reward accurately an unbounded number of individuals who make subjective contributions to its community.

Steem: A blockchain based social media platform

Go to this link to read Steem’s white paper: Steem


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4 thoughts on “Steem cryptocurrency through blockchain technology to pay contributors for high quality content compared to twitter or facebook

  1. Not really interested in an explanation from Steem themselves as they obviously have a vested interest. Also, even if it were convertable, it has lost half its value vs USD in the last month. No thanks. Would rather get paid in real money playing pachinko. Or get a job. Now there is a novel idea!

    • Well gee, do you really think Steem has a vested interested? Should hope so, similar to you having a vested interest in what you do to earn money, no? You apparently didn’t read how to make the conversion to dollars.

      Go back to work.

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