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For any of you you stalwarts out there involved in online businesses and ad revenue sharing, here is a program that you might want to take a serious look at as this new platform My 24 Hour Income prepares to launch on August 14, 2016. Here are some very important points about My 24 Hour Income you may want to consider when deciding to get involved with this new ad revenue sharing business in your social media networks. There are some unique advantages to this new ad revenue business and pros will immediately be able to see the advantages with My 24 Hour Income. Also, my advice would be to look for anyone doing any good analysis of My 24 Hour Income scam reviews. I have and My 24 Hour Income comes out looking good.

I would like to outline these important points as follows:

  My 24 Hour Income is the fastest growing new business – over 5000 members joined in the first week (I came in at #393).
  There are 3 different packs :

• $5.00 Ad Pack expires at 110% (up to 100 packs, no repurchase rule)
• $15.00 Ad Pack expires at 115% (up to 100 packs, no repurchase rule)
• $35.00 Ad Pack expires at 120% (unlimited packs, no repurchase rule)

  Daily share earnings – 1.8 – 3.8%
  No membership fees
  No repurchase rule
  12% referral commission structure on direct referrals (1 level)
  Unlimited withdrawals open 7 days a week
  Stable pay plan for long-term profit
  Well-known, respected and very experienced revshare expert is running the business – Drew Burton
  World’s First 100% Free Referral Commission Pool – UNIQUE FEATURE
  Top Producer Mentoring + Dedicated Facebook Group To Help You Build Your Business and Find Leads.

☆ ☆  There are 6 ways to earn money with My24 hour Income:

#1. Purchase Ad Packs , and view 8 ads daily.
#2. Refer others and earn commissions on their purchases.
#3. You can earn extra cash by viewing PTC ads.
#4.You can earn extra cash using our Project Click Through App.
#5. Referral commissions pool (you receive shared daily earnings)
#6. Affiliate marketplace : Withdrawal open 7 days a week

Payeer | Perfectmoney | SolidTrustPay | Payza

  Advertising services provided:

    1. Banner Ads
    2. Text Ads
    3. Business Directory Ads
    4. Login Ads
    5. PPC with Geo Targeting
    6. PTC Ads

To get started building your network with My 24 Hour Income ad revenue sharing business, please go to the following link to register. There is a complete series of tutorials at Facebook should you decide to join us.

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