Women in Japan are being placed in government positions who are nothing more than equality billboards

Here is Japan’s new female defense minister and makes one wonder while observing Japan all these female appointments including the new female governor of Tokyo recently voted into office, which seems obvious to me these female Japanese are being stuck up like billboards to advertise that women in Japan are on an equal footing to men. Nothing could be further from the truth as we look more deeply into Japan’s corporate and social structures. Kind of makes people wonder if Hillary Clinton is going to be installed as the next CEO of the united states corporation and the Japanese are preparing for such an eventuality? Japan is drawing closer and closer to the ideology of the pseudo-religious group known as Nippon Kaigi nationalists surrounding Shinzo Abe. What has me concerned is possible backlash against foreigners living in Japan.

To propel these nationalists to power which they seem to have solidified around Shinzo Abe, they will need to further build Japan’s military. Considering Japan’s military buildup, continue to look for more bellicose accusations coming from Japan over China’s threats in the South China Sea. China too is pushing further threats of war with Japan over the South China Sea. Both countries will profit enormously from this military buildup. Kind of makes one wonder what diplomatic discussions are going on behind the scenes between Japan and China? Mutually assured military threats would equate to mutually assured profits among both Japan and China’s wealthy monied elite in their related military industries.

Source: Katehon

New Japanese defense minister- a female samurai

August 3, 2016

For the second time in the history of the country of the Rising Sun a woman became Japan’s defense minister. Today, this post was appointed to Tomomi Inada – ideologically conservative politician close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Like her boss Inada is a member of “Nippon Kaigi” influential conservative and sovereigntist organization.

This structure supports the strengthening of the country’s sovereignty, the rejection of Western values of consumption and individualism, increasing the role of the emperor in public life and strengthening the military power of Japan.

Appointment of a new Minister of Defense took place in the framework of large-scale reshuffle which was carried out the prime-minister today.


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