Jews and Japanese Imperialism: Rather than diplomatically discuss peaceful trade, Japan takes loans to fight a land war against Russia

It isn’t very likely that Russia has forgotten its past with Japan ever since Japan was financed by the Jew Jacob Schiff, so that Japan could fight a land war against Russia during the Russo-Japanese war in 1905 (The Treaty of Portsmouth). The war was fought for control of Manchuria. Significantly even more revealing, is how easily Japan’s leaders at the time, would sell out and commit themselves to war taking the Japanese people with them under the patriotic banner of their Emperor to fight a land war against Russia. It takes money to run a war, lot’s of it, so rather than diplomatically discuss peaceful trade with Russia over Manchuria, which would have been the sensible thing to do it would seem, Japan takes a massive loan from the private banker Jew Jacob Schiff, and then commits itself to all out war to take resources out of Manchuria.

This also demonstrates the greed and arrogance of Japanese leaders at the time throwing their people into a war they knew the Japanese would go along with because their emperor told them to, after all, the emperor of Japan “descends directly from the Gods”. Kind of makes people wonder what Japan’s leaders are currently up to as they re-militarize and prepare to boot the Americans out of Okinawa? Japan as I have suggested in many blogs, is moving closer and closer to Russia, let’s hope today’s leaders of Japan decide on a more mutually beneficial relationship with Russia, unlike Japan taking massive loans to finance another war.



Source: Occidental Observe

Jews and Japanese Imperialism

by Peter Stuyvesant on April 12, 2011 — 40 Comments

The institution of the United Nations (UN) Holocaust Remembrance Day and the UN outreach programme to promote the worldwide teaching of the Holocaust is a dubious policy of this supra-national organization: Is the suffering of one people more significant than the suffering of another? Is the suffering of ethnic persecution a sound basis for universal morals?

The Holocaust education and subsequent teaching of Jewish history also can be very embarrassing, especially when Jews were complicit in foreign occupation and brutal oppression. In this article, Part 2 of a series (Part 1 is here), I discuss the Jewish role in facilitating Japanese imperialism.

Jews and Japanese Imperialism

In 1905, the Russo-Japanese war for the domination of Manchuria—nowadays the northeast of China—was in a deadlock with neither party gaining the upper hand. Japan could not sustain a long-term expensive land war with Russia and their opponents knew that. Moreover the Russians had the advantage that the White nations were not willing to support an emerging non-White nation to compete over foreign markets and colonies.

Nevertheless there was one important source of money which greatly contributed to the Japanese cause — the loans from the Jewish activist banker from New York: Jacob Schiff. Schiff was the point man in what might be termed the Jewish foreign policy of the period: Hostility toward Russia because of its treatment of Jews. The entire organized Jewish community throughout Europe and America actively opposed Russia. For example, in America in 1911, the American Jewish Committee, led and financed by Schiff, successfully advocated the abrogation of a trade agreement with Russia over the veto of President Taft.

Schiff’s loans effectively tilted the balance in favor of the Japanese, which could literally buy time to sustain the land war and meanwhile defeat the Russian navy at sea. The Russian defeat shook the Empire to its foundations and revolution was in the air. The Japanese on the other hand had a boost of self-confidence, being the first non-White modern nation to defeat a European superpower both on land and at sea. By defeating the Russians in Manchuria the Japanese blocked further Russian expansion in the Far East and opened up perspectives for their own imperial schemes, especially in China. One could say that the Russo-Japanese war unleashed Japanese imperialism which would ultimately lead to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The Japanese were well aware of the contribution of Jacob Schiff to their war effort and bestowed many honors on him. He was awarded the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1905, and in 1907 he was honored again with the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star. Ultimately Schiff was the first foreigner to have been personally awarded the Order by the Japanese Emperor in the Imperial Palace (see here, p. 17). Back then the Japanese emperor was considered a demi-god by ordinary Japanese and seeing him or even meeting him was one of the greatest honors which could be received.

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12 thoughts on “Jews and Japanese Imperialism: Rather than diplomatically discuss peaceful trade, Japan takes loans to fight a land war against Russia

  1. Agree that Russia should not forget this war even though they would probably like to. 1) They were shamefully and ruthlessley genocidal against Jews living in Russia. 2) They were agressively expansionist into the east trying to get a warm water port. 3) The Japanese very reasonably offered to split territory keeping Korea for themselves and giving Manchuria to the Russians. 4) The racist Russians couldn’t deal with the idea of a compromise with the lower Asians so they went to war. 5) The Japanese, with support from the free world and rich Jewish bankers like Schiff, quickly kicked their asses. Agree. We shouldnt let them forget this.

    Not sure why you think the Japanese ‘sold out’. They availed themselves to support from an activist banker. Good move in my opinion.

    • That Russians were “ruthlessly genocidal against Jews living in Russia” is more Jewish bullshit, you know it, I know it, and anyone with even the slightest smattering of brain cells knows it.

      The Japanese were acting under European (banker) interests imitating mercantile commerce/trade: exploit resources; debt economy; kill off opposition; loot (Operation Golden Lily).

      The Japanese are racist.
      The Jews are racist.
      I’m racist – it’s called “protective self-defense”. That’s what animals do.

      The Japanese took their population to war, killed off thousands of their youth, hundreds were captured by the Russians, all for mercantile trade.

      There is no such thing as the “free world”; you have the latent disease of having a liberal mentality.

      • David,

        I think the better word for BD is bigot. By saying ‘more Jewish bullshit’ BD shows his true colors. He has a strong and unfair hatred for all Jews. He is grouping them all together. This is what a bigot does. He should retract his statement and apologise or defend his choice of words. He will do neither. Because he is a weak, bigoted coward.

  2. I have copied and saved this. Will think about what to do with it. Maybe someday many years from now when I am cleaning up my cloud, I will come across it and I will send it back to you for you to reconsider.


  3. “more Jewish bullshit”? Perhaps you would like to tell us some of the other things that are in your mind “Jewish bullshit”. That is the statement of a bigot. No question. Do you think all Jews are full of Bullshit? Or is it just some of us? Do you think we lie and manipulate the media and do you think we somehow get more than we deserve and we have somehow manipulated the common understanding of history? I want to hear your arguement. And then I will meet you anyplace you want to see if you will say “Jewish bullshit” to my face.

    • And before I forget, my neighbor was a retired university lecturer in Japan. Quite outspoken. He was Jewish. I used to take him to the station after his Japanese wife died. As he got older he stopped driving so used to drive him on his errands. Went to lunch a lot and used to sit at a nice cafe by the river on warm spring afternoons talking about a lot of different subjects. Said he went on a double date with Marilyn Monroe when he was in his early 20s working as a printer in a company he and his friend started up in Los Angeles. Last year his daughter called to say he died. Kind of miss him.

      So go make yourself a cup of coffee and relax. Preferably not Starbucks (it’s Jewish owned).

  4. You once had a Jewish friend so that somehow proves you are not a bigot and you are not really accountable for what you said? I could not possibly eat as much as I would like to throw up when I read that pathetic defense. If your friend were alive would he have appreciated your comment about ‘more Jewish bullshit’? But you would have never said it to his face anyway. That is the problem with the Internet. Slime like you can slither out from under your rock, say ugly things, and then slither back under and we can’t catch you and hold you up for the world to see. What is your real name and address? Oh? Won’t say? I will not relax over your bigotry. It enrages and disgusts me. You will not print this comment. You dont have the balls. And my offer stands to meet you and let you try to utter ‘more Jewish bullshit’ to my face.

    • You have such a simplistic approach. How was the Starbucks coffee by the way? Got busy and couldn’t get back to your scribbling here, lefty. There is no problem with the internet, it only demonstrates that you don’t read much. I bet you click through YouTube channels for entertainment and education.

      Balls? I think you are self-absorbed. I have discovered that liberals such as yourself are the most intolerant bigots there are. Liebermann, Liebermann, let me guess, your Jewish, no? Have you read that crap coming out of Michael Weiss’ The Daily Beast recently?

      Yeah, my Jewish friend, neat guy, I used to tell him all the time, “look no bullshit, just give me the story straight alright.” I told him once I could deal with Jews as individuals, but as far as their group evolutionary psychology is concerned, now that’s a real problem for the rest of us. And he knew specifically what I was referring to.

      Now, go enjoy your Starbucks, please. And you owe me a thank you, lefty, I stayed up late to get through this.

  5. Max Leibermann. Look me up. And Google “could not possibly eat as much as I would like to throw up” Jeez you are dense nt to catch that softball. BD, I wouldnt worry too much about Jewish group evolutionary psychology. Worry about your own evolutionary psychology out there in Ome. You might have evolved into a troll who sits in front of a computer farting into a zabuton and fantasizing about getting rich from bitcoins and face cream.

    • No, there will be no looking today, Max. Wasn’t looking to catch softballs there Max, let alone Google. Was thinking of moving to Ome, less taxes on property I understand. Evolving Max? Let’s hope you come out on the better end of that hey? I think I’m good.

      Now, about this fantasizing, I guess that’s a healthy thing isn’t it Max, the beginnings of something, or do you have a job where you report to your bosses daily? Not very creative on the descriptions, Max, just keep checking into my backwater blog here and you might evolve yet.

      Have a great day, Max.

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