The only country where a passenger can stiff a taxi driver for ¥270,000

Only in Japan can a taxi passenger have a taxi driver drive him 850 kilometers (528 miles) and then stiff the driver for ¥270,000 ($2,600). You would think the taxi driver would have a little discretion by turning the passenger down for a 9 hour 850 kilometer drive? Did the taxi driver want the money that bad that he thought this Japanese 26 year-old passenger would actually pay him ¥270,000 in cash after arriving in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture? The taxi driver should be required to come up with a certain percentage of the fare for being either stupid or greedy. Why are the police arresting this guy anyway? They know where he lives, what his name is and everything else about him. Just work a deal out between the taxi company and this passenger for him to pay off the debt? So what did this guy do, kill someone, rip off some money or some other crime, and then grab the taxi to escape Tokyo to Ehime?

Source: The Japan Times

Man, 26, held for stiffing cabby after ¥270,000 Yokohama-Matsuyama taxi trip

August 17, 2016

A Japanese man was arrested for allegedly stiffing a taxi driver after having promised to pay when embarking on an 850-km (528-mile) journey, police said Monday.

Takafumi Arima, 26 and jobless, climbed into the cab in Yokohama late Saturday and told the driver to go to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, a Matsuyama police officer told AFP.

Arima had allegedly said he would pay the fare upon arrival and the driver believed him, the officer added.

But after driving overnight for more than nine hours, the fare meter came to ¥270,000 ($2,600) and Arima confessed that he had no money, the officer said.

“The driver then called police, which led to Arima’s arrest,” the officer said, adding his motive of the road trip was unknown and was to be investigated.






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