The Senkaku Island ping-pong match between China and Japan with China going “ping” and Japan going “pong”

The ping-pong match – only because I’m not interested in watching ping-pong matches at the Olympics in Brazil – between China and Japan continues over the Senkaku Islands as the saga continues with China going “ping” and Japan going “pong”. Recently, Japan’s coast guard released a video of Chinese ships apparently entering the disputed waters near the Senkaku Islands. This comes as Japan announced escalation with their plans to develop a new land-to-sea missile system to be deployed to the south in Okinawa Prefecture. The missiles with a range of 186 miles should be sufficient to take out Chinese intruders. Sounds like a sound business proposition to me.

Let’s watch the clip. And I really hope those approximately 230 Chinese fishing vessels are not dumping their sewage into the ocean? Lets see, approximately 12 crew members per ship at 230 ships comes to 2,760 Chinese fisherman pooping at least once a day aboard their ships. Where does all that sludge go to? What if it’s getting dumped into the East China Sea? That would be worth watching a Japan-based land-to-sea missile take out a raw feces-dumping Chinese fishing ship.

Japan Coast Guard releases video showing Chinese intrusions into waters near Senkaku Islands


4 thoughts on “The Senkaku Island ping-pong match between China and Japan with China going “ping” and Japan going “pong”

  1. All ships dump untreated sewage when in international waters. The amount, even from cruise ships, is too small to do any environmental damage. The Japanese don’t have the stones to actually fire a misile but they like to buy the equipment and fantasize about it. The US should move some Marines onto the Senkakus. Would send a message to the Chinese, and there are no little girls for them to rape while they are there.

  2. Trillions of creatures living in the ocean, everything fom micro organisms to whales, put several million (cocktail napkin math) factors MORE shit in the ocean every minute than all humams do in an eternity. The ocean not only can handle every bit of sewage that humans create, it actually thrives on it because of the added nutrients that comes from human waste. Most of the organisms in the ocean feed on the biological material that comes from excretion. We really need to let go of this mistaken notion that humans are not a natural part of the planet’s ecosystem and more importantly we need to stop the pseudoscience.

    • So far, no science let alone pseudo science has been mentioned here. Humans I would argue are “not a natural part of the planet’s ecosystem.” It’s the only species that shits in its bed then sleeps in it: Ship Breakers of Bangladesh

      Those “trillions of creatures living in the ocean” are disappearing faster than a cruise ship can eject shit from its internal pumps. Those little creatures are being fished to extinction, like during the 2010 crab season only 24,000,000 lb (11,000,000 kg) of red king crab were extracted, compared to 200,000,000 lb (91,000,000 kg) of crab during the 1980s during its peak. Those little creatures eat all that shit in the ocean. That’s just in the Aleutian chain.

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