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Have observed something happening here that is worth noting and that is when people send comments to this blog – and I like controversy because it forces the good and the bad out of people – responding to my comments in posts, they leave comments often demeaning (yeah, I admit, I deserve it) and then ridicule my involvement in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies. I admit, I say some rather antagonizing things, but it only goes to show you what people are involved with emotionally. Now, imagine if I commented about “black bullshit”, or “white bullshit”, or “Japanese bullshit”, or any other type of bullshit about any other group except Jews, there would have been absolutely no comments at all. The Jewish question are like cryptocurrencies….

Anyway, it sure is amusing, so back to crytocurrencies. I suspect the demeaning commentary about my being involved in cryptocurrencies has to do with a complete lack of understanding of blockchain technology (this is a highly instructive video explanation) used in cryptocurrencies, and how the Bitcoin market really works. It’s amusing though and thought I would make a post because there have been four or five comments now ridiculing cryptocurrencies, maybe just cheap shots at me but who knows, so here are a few recent developments with Bitcoin.

In three weeks, I have gone from 0.00000300 to 0.o4043445 mining Bitcoins. Every 24 hours roughly 0.00020000 and growing is placed into my Bitcoin temporary wallet at different cyrptocurrency sites. One mining location is located in Iceland, and is doing the Bitcoin mining for me. I then have the option of withdrawing those Bitcoins in cash, selling them or reinvesting them. Someone was concerned about not being able to withdraw cash to use in the economy, but as I explained in another post, a cash dispenser to withdraw cash from Bitcoin sales was installed in Mie Prefecture, Japan. As of this post, one Bitcoin is worth US$569.73. At the current mining of Bitcoins of 0.00020000 I should be able to clear 3 Bitcoins by the end of this year. Bitcoins are expected to go up in price from the current $569 range to over $1,000 per Bitcoin by the end of this year. What this potentially means is that I will have gone from 0.00000300 to 3.00000000 Bitcoins in six months potentially worth around $3,000. And all I did was in my spare time mine for satoshi at several websites and then reinvested continuously those satoshi I pulled out and placed inside an investment account for Bitcoin.

Sure it’s an investment in time and energy mining, but once those three Bitcoins I will own by end of this year are reinvested in for more Bitcoins at several Bitcoin mining sites, those 3 Bitcoins will be reinvested,  Those Bitcoins left invested growing I am fairly certain at a pretty good percentage over the coming years. The best company to invest with making it extremely easy to invest in Bitcoins at your own comfortable level of investment, is with a UK-based company Genesis Mining. Through Genesis Mining this is the best way I think to not only invest in Bitcoins, but also to learn about cryptocurrencies. If anyone decides to give Bitcoin mining or any other crytocurrency mining a try, contact me and I will provide you with my code which you can receive a 3 percent discount on your first purchase. When you read the following Genesis Mining email alert, notice Dash cryptocurrency references because you can mine Dash at Genesis Mining, in fact, you can allocate your investment between cryptocurrencies at genesis Mining. Presently, my allocation is divided 80 percent in Bitcoin and 20 percent in Dash. The following is Genesis Mining‘s recent email alert:


Hey miners!

Have you seen the recent Dash Price? If you’ve missed it… here’s what the price has done the past week as it’s market cap has grown above $80 million USD.

At Genesis Mining, we are bullish on the potential of Dash. Here are 3 high-level facts you may not know about this fast growing cryptocurrency:

Dash Fact 1: It is very robust with a huge node count. While Bitcoin has about 5283, Dash has about 4053.

Dash Fact 2: It uses it’s own cool blockchain budgeting system to manage the project within the community.

Dash Fact 3: It has integration with ‘JAXX’ (Mobile iPhone/Android wallet), desktop wallets like Exodus, hardware wallets like Trezor, and debit cards.

There are many other exciting developments taking place and we’ll soon have a detailed blog post on dash.
In other news, recent optimization of our X11 miners has lead to some beneficial news to our customers….

Another price reduction!

New pricing for X11 2 year contracts will be as follows:

Gemini: 2.5 MH/s $20 ($8 per mh/s)
Ferox: 60 MH/s $420 ($7 per mh/s)
Graviton: 300 MH/s $1800 ($6 per mh/s)

To take advantage of our new pricing, click HERE.

Since we can’t meet all of our clients face to face, we like to do webcasts to connect with our customers. We haven’t had the chance to do one since the end of May but this week we will be recording our latest one!

Stay tuned for another email with the next webcast link! In the meantime, in case you missed the last one, click the video below!

And finally, on a more serious note, it’s come to our attention that many of you are receiving phishing emails. We just wanted to briefly remind you to be very cautious in all emails you receive and most importantly to remind you: Genesis Mining will never send attachments in emails. Any email with an attachment, did not come from us and should not be opened. Also, for official news, please be sure to check out our social media pages if you have any doubts.

Thank you as always for being a customer. We are thrilled for the opportunity to serve you.

Marco Streng

PS — We’re working on something big. And it involves Bitcoin….and the moon. Stay tuned for more details!

Genesis Mining Webinar – May 18th 2016 – Episode 8



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  1. If you had said black or white bullshit, I would have reacted the same as I did for Jewish. I would let Japanese bullshit slide. I hope you can see the difference. This Bitcoin mining nonsense might put a few bucks in your pocket eventually, but you need to put your ego aside and understand that even relatively intelligent people need to and should do Real Work. Don’t argue about this because you know exactly what I mean. You are correct in saying that you deserve the derision.

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