Some interesting observations from CIA-controlled South Korea on Trump-hating and Hillary-worshiping

Happened to catch a view from South Korea from a man who lives there. He wrote about his experiences so thought I would share it on this blog. I’ve been to South Korea a few times, in fact, lived there for six months and so can relate to this view. I agree that North and South Korea were intentionally set up by the American CIA (Production Company) so that North Korea could be used as a geopolitical wedge in the region for the US. So anytime Japan gets a little uppity in their increasing comfortableness with the US and have any silly ideas about breaking away from the Anglo-American sphere, North Korea is instructed to fire a few missiles out into the Sea of Japan directed towards Japan. That is enough to sufficiently put the uppity Japanese back in their place. Most Koreans apparently believe Hillary Clinton is the crowning achievement of the western commercial empire.

August 19, 2016

I wrote this to you before, but it probably went by the wayside.

From the ground here in South Korea, there is a lot of Killary worship and hatred for Trump here, and the reasons are as follows:

Koreans are all about their pocketbooks and the bottom line. I know, who isn’t? But these people are extreme examples of the mindset. They don’t trust each other further than they can throw each other, because every one of them is trying to get the one-up for personal gain. Does this mindset remind you of anything?

Korea was divided by globalists for their own ends, and the ones south of the magic line fell into the globalist cult. They had no choice. Generations of working men in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, factory workers driving globalist expansion for the sake of a consumerist wet dream, driven to early graves by “vitamins” dispensed to them as they filed into their 16-hour-a-day, 6-days-a-week, jobs that drove them to understandably early deaths.

And now, well removed from the last vestiges of honest and aware rage ā€“ I refer to the riots of 1997, the IMF crisis here, when their national assets got privatized ā€“ they are being rewarded with a semblance of the same artificial “prosperity” that was temporarily gifted to Americans in the ’50s, ’60s, tailing out into the mid to late ’70s.

Yes, life is “good” here for the privileged, the well-“educated”. Never mind the media-buried seams of squalor and discontent. In reality, it is still a caste society. But in MSM-land, everybody is doing GREAT. It’s all a big explosion of materialist fervor. Aside from Thailand, it is the plastic surgery capital of the world. I walk into any major bookstore, and I see shelves full of books for children lauding the merits of Killary and Osamabama. The news outlets, fully controlled by the descendants of those who sold out this culture for American interests, generally present Killary as the NEXT AMERICAN PRESIDENT, no doubts whatsoever. Most of these people really believe that Killary will be the next president, and that she is the crowning achievement of their Western colonial roots (even though the word “colonial” would not make much sense to most of them in this context, as obvious as it is).

By contrast, they hate Trump because he is an isolationist, in the best sense of the term, and openly in his speeches calls out this country for not pulling its weight financially in paying for its “defense” against the North. In short, the way they see it, if Trump wins, their taxes go up. That’s the long and short of it. In a way I can’t blame them, because I don’t want to pay more taxes either. But they are very under-informed and short-sighted. They don’t have any view of the big picture. They have no concept of how, after they have run their cycle of industrialization, they will be thrown under the same bus America is being thrown.

I lost a much-need job for just talking about this. It was a morning English conversation class at a chemical company. They sell solvents to microprocessor manufacturers. The students were bright. One morning, I walked in and SHOWED them, via big headlines, the leaks showing how the DNC had stolen the nomination for Hillary. The students simmered in their seats as I presented the information. The next day, I was fired. So let this be a small barometer from a relatively small country, but one that is relatively big in certain sectors of the international economy and finance. I don’t know what it’s worth, but it might be worth something. I will say this much. I’ve taught at universities here where I had classes of Chinese exchange students. The Chinese were light years beyond the Korean students in their understanding and appreciation of geopolitics. This country sits on the southern side of the most militarized border on Earth, and for the most part, they understand and perceive virtually nothing that is real. Over and out.”





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  1. BD. Let me tell you what is CIA controlled. And it aint North Korea. It is Bitcoin and all the othe crypto currency outfits. Yes thats right. Every website and every mining app and pretty much anything to do with the crypto world has been co-opted and taken over by the CIA. They use the crypto aps as launching pads (trojan hourses) for all kinds of nex gen spyware that you are not able to detect with the low level software you have. They are watching and recording your every move. Cryptos started out legit but the CIA soon saw them as a good way to keep tabs on anti-govt free thinkers who dont like fiat currencies, the US goverment and those who support it. By mining Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, you open your PC and everything on it – every site you ever visited, every mail or blog you ever wrote, all of your private info- to the CIA monitoring net. They they got it all now!

    • Excellent. Now leave me alone, I’m playing my Pokemon Go out in the typhoon. And it’s not the CIA, which is merely the production company, I suspect it has more with the NSA (all SWIFT codes) and its private contractors, maybe spinoff CIA companies. And the facilities in Switzerland are where all the digital data is being mined.

      Get ready for open source. Philip Estridge at IBM tried this back in the early eighties but he was taken out of the running.

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