Suicide alert system has been set up for Japanese on Facebook

Unlike other countries, at least as far as I am aware, the Japanese do not think it is all that terrible of an event for a person to commit suicide with Japan’s suicide rate hovering around 30,000 suicides a year. It might be a bit lower this year but haven’t checked. That basically comes out to around 82 a day, or if you get down to specifics, around 3 suicides every hour in Japan. As hard as that is to believe, which is a bit hard for me, those are the statistical facts of suicide in Japan, mostly from electrocution, sleeping medication, hanging, carbon monoxide poisoning, jumping in front of trains and jumping off buildings. Japan’s economy is based on the commercial religion of consumption. Buy a 50cc Honda scooter and then ride that bike until it runs out of oil and breaks, then simply toss it and get a new one. More than often enough, the Japanese who commit suicide feel no worth in Japan’s consumption-based society, so they jump.

Several years ago, a 19 year-old distraught Japanese girl climbed the stairs where I live and walked past my door to the railing, climbed up and jumped right outside my door while away. I arrived home just as the ambulance pulled away and the police were doing a fingerprint sweep just outside my door. The blood wasn’t even dry on the pavement below. And then before that, the wife of three children at 6:00am hung herself in the place across the way from me before her children woke up and her husband returned home from work. Then, several months ago at a rail crossing just a few minutes from here, a 14 year-old student parked his bicycle at the crossing, walked down the rail and waited for the next train. He was killed instantly just before I arrived at that same crossing in the car.

Well, maybe there is some assistance being provided through Facebook at a page that has been set up hopefully to guide Japanese away from suicide. Sort of like a “suicide alert system.”

Source: Secrets of Japan

Facebook has a suicide alert system for Japan

Facebook is joining efforts to reduce Japan’s high suicide rate, creating a way for those in despair to be noticed and given a sympathetic ear. Facebook users in some markets have been able to do this since 2011, but only now is it being made available in Japan. The service runs in cooperation with suicide…

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