Japanese man pistol whips four men at his father’s construction firm killing one and injuring three others

Distraught son of a construction firm owner who was arrested previously for drug violations due to serve a prison term, pulls out guns at a meeting at his father’s construction firm office and opens fire killing one and wounding three others who were at the meeting. So, who called for the meeting? Were they ambushed by the son? The shooting happened in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan  apparently Monday evening and the man is now apparently holed up in an apartment close to the construction firm’s offices. Drugs? Guns? Wakayama Prefecture? Construction firm?

Edited update as of Wednesday, August 31 at 18:35: Japanese suspect shot himself.

Anyone who knows the deals being cut between municipal governments and construction firms with the Yakuza involved taking their cut, knows something else is going on here. Wakayama is known for its brazen Yakuza-related gangs. If anyone needs a run down on the NPA as a money-making operation and their treatment of Yakuza gangs, Andrew Rankin did a great rundown on this in his article Recent Trends in Organized Crime in Japan: Yakuza vs the Police, & Foreign Crime Gangs ~ Part 2 in 2012.


Source: NewsonJapan

Wakayama shooting suspect in standoff with police near crime scene

August 31, 2016

The suspect in a fatal shooting at a construction company in the western city of Wakayama was in an armed standoff with police Wednesday morning after evading an attempt by officers to capture him the previous night.

The police are trying to persuade Yasuhide Mizobata, 45, who has been at large since the shooting, to surrender after he fled to a building near the construction company’s office.

Officers had located the suspect, armed with two guns, around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, but he escaped after firing four shots at a police car. Nobody was injured in the shooting. The police tracked him down again at around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

The former employee of the company and the second son of the company’s president fired another shot Wednesday morning, with no reports of injuries. He is not believed to be holding any hostages at the building.

The surrounding area has been closed off and the police have called for local residents to stay inside their homes.

Mizobata has been on a wanted list on suspicion of murder and attempted murder for the shooting Monday morning that left one dead, one unconscious and two seriously injured.