Pokemon Go players are invited to Fukushima to attract tourist money

Pokemon Go players, the Japanese government would like for you to head to Fukushima with your smart phones to play Pokemon Go to attract tourists. Seems the local area are in need of some funds so please head to Fukushima where your GPS instructions will be given to you to chase your monsters. The Fukushima Pokemon Go Olympics in Fukushima.

Source: MailOnline

Disaster-struck regions in Japan including Fukushima set to use POKEMON GO to attract tourists

• Four prefectures in Japan are proposing to use the game to attract tourists
• Officials have reportedly set aside more than £200,000 for the proposals
• The regions will promote the game through pamphlets and TV advertising

Japan is planning to use Pokemon Go to boost tourism in its disaster-struck regions.

Officials from several areas affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis are said to be discussing different ways of using the game to attract visitors to the region.

There has already been substantial funds set aside to promote the game according to reports and there are even proposals to make parts of the game exclusive to Japan for a limited time.