The origin of the number 731 and the occult underpinnings of Japan’s military

We know that under Adolf Hitler, there existed a cult embedded very deeply in the German state that took on different forms throughout its existence. The cult hid behind a religious facade while its members consisting of the upper echelon of the German government, practiced the occult surrounding the Viril Society and the Thule Society. Much of it was based on the occult origins of the Aryans. But what about Japan? Does Japan have an occult history that can be identified? If it does, were the Japanese influenced by these same German occult forces?

Albrecht Haushofer was the son of Professor Karl Haushofer. Karl Haushofer was the Nazi Party’s Black Magician and founder of Hitler’s notorious Nazi Occult Bureau called the “Ahnenerbe”. Karl Haushofer was also the only foreigner ever granted admission into Japan’s secretive Green Dragon Society. The notorious Unit 731 was run by Japan’s military who were practitioners of the occult which were founded by the Japanese military as part of “their arsenal for their continuing 100-years war against European and US Imperialism.”

These occult groups shared their experiences and findings “for the greater good of humankind”. Anyone claiming they want to work for “the greater good of humankind”, my suggestion would be to run for the mountains as fast as you can because some nefarious shit is probably going to go down. Professor Haushofer spoke fluent Japanese, read Sanskrit and was Germany’s military attaché to Tokyo. Within these black magic organisations like the Viril Society, Thule Society and the Green Dragon Society (did it exist and is it still in existence today?) members swore oaths of allegiance to Satan (Saturn) and their unholy powers for the purpose of global domination. Often using quasi-religions organisations as their front to force the acquiescence of the general population.

“Elements of the Green Dragon Society, under the guidance of Japan’s militarists” we read: “morphed into Japan’s notorious war-time Unit 731 wherein, just like their Nazi counterpart; weapons of mass destruction, germ warfare, human experiments and the study of symbols and the occult were conducted.” Remember the Issac Asimov-influenced Aum Shinrikyo cult? Shinzo Abe worked at Kobe Steel with his protégé, Hideo Murai, an astrophysicist from the social outcaste strata who later became the Science Minister of the Aum Shinrikyo cult. Hideo Murai was later assassinated on television to silence him.

Karl Haushofer committed suicide just prior to his execution, but Japan’s Unit 731 overlord, General Nobusuke Kishi went on to become their first post-war Prime Minister and grandfather of Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Is it just coincidence that Shinzo Abe is photographed sitting in the cockpit of Japan’s T-4 training fighter with the serial #731 stenciled on it?