Nikolai Starikov on global debt slavery and Japan’s central bank is part of the problem

The reason why Japan can rearm is because Japan has a central bank and can issue an unlimited amount of credit to Japan’s armaments and munitions manufacturers to manufacture all the weapons and munitions it requires to pursue rearmament. Without access to an unlimited amount of credit issued from a central bank, it would be impossible to finance the munitions and weapons industry. In this discussion with Nikolai Starkov, a Russian economist, he describes the western central banking model as predatory. More like a mechanism to rob countries of their natural resources. Starkov describes “two unequal groups of countries”, this first group headed by the US, includes Japan, the EU, Switzerland and the UK.

Starkov describes this first group of countries as being able to “create money out of thin air.” The central banks of these countries have no resources backing their paper currencies. There is resistance now showing and these central banks are losing power as demonstrated in the Philippines with President Duterte ordering the Philippines to purchase future weapons and munitions from Russia and China. President Duterte also ordered all US special forces out of the southern Philippines. This is going to have a huge impact on the Pacific region. And Nikolai Starkov’s book is being circulated widely as discussed in this interview translated from Russian to English with English subtitles.

Nikolai Starikov on global debt slavery (part 1 of 2 in Moldova)