Genesis Mining sent a Bitcoin into space as Bitcoin heads to the moon

The following is a recent update from Genesis Mining and if you have ever thought of going into Bitcoin, or are wanting to learn about Bitcoin, Genesis Mining is probably the safest company to work with. Genesis Mining accepts credit card payment for what is known in the industry has “hashpower.” Hashpower or hash rate, is the measuring unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin (BTC) network. The bitcoin network must make intensive mathematical operations for security purposes. If the network reaches a hash rate of 10Th/s for example, it means the network can make 10 trillion calculations per second. Bitcoin mining companies charge for the hashpower. It takes an enormous amount of electricity to run the mining equipment and to keep the machinery cool, and this seems to be the biggest cost. The Chinese government subsidizes electrical power needed to mine crypto-currency so this explains why a lot of bitcoin mining is taking place in China.

Genesis Mining is a very stable company, they constantly keep their members updated and make daily returns on bitcoin investment, or many other crypto-currencies that Genesis Mining is mining for that matter. The daily returns are automatically forwarded to an e-Wallet that needs to be set up prior to investing with Genesis Mining. My experience with Genesis Mining has been very positive. I receive daily returns of between 0.00038000 and 0.00040000 Bitcoins which are automatically sent to a safe e-Wallet. I also use several sites in which I am picking up free satoshi (Satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin [0.00000001 BTC]). To date, I have picked up for free over 2 million satoshi which are also forwarded to my e-Wallet for keeping. There is a large Bitcoin economy in Japan with several websites setup where you can purchase Bitcoin from with a credit card and then transfer that Bitcoin to an e-Wallet.

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Hello Miners!

You may have seen a teaser in a previous newsletter regarding our plan to send Bitcoin “To the Moon!” as they say…

Well I’m happy to share with you that Genesis Mining recently conducted the first ever Peer2Peer Transaction in space!

A few weeks ago we went to the U.K. to send a 3D model of a Bitcoin with a paper wallet fixed on the back all the way into space with the help of a weather balloon.

Check out the video BELOW.

When it reached an altitude of 20 kilometers (what’s known as the Armstrong limit) we sent the first ever Bitcoin into space. Since we believe in reaching new heights at Genesis we didn’t stop there. When the Bitcoin made it to 34 kilometers our space partners let us know that it was at peak altitude so we sent another Bitcoin, beating our initial record on the same flight!

As a community we’ve all seen Bitcoin increase in value, and we wanted to do our part to demonstrate that there’s no limit to how far Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can go.

Thanks for being a part of the Genesis Mining family. You help make these sorts of milestones possible, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Make sure to check out the video and share with your communities, together we’ll help Bitcoin make it to even greater heights. Maybe even to the moon!

Just a quick reminder, our survey is still running until the 24th. Tell us what you think and enter into the raffle to win free hash power!

– Marco

We’ve sent a Bitcoin to space!

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Genesis Mining