US vice-President Joe Biden the “troublemaker” does the silly walk carrying the flag of war to Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe

How many times now has Japan been warned by China to stop provoking China in the South China Sea? China again warns Japan that it is “playing with fire” after Japan announced that along with America, it would send military patrols into the South China Sea. Where is this tension coming from and why? While all the attention is on the US President Barack Obama and the coming US presidential elections, the media and observers are not looking closely at US vice-President Joe Biden. If you want to know who specifically is behind provoking Japan to intimidate China, then read this article Joe Biden is Washington Troublemaker-in-Chief by F. William Engdahl. F. William Engdahl describes Biden as “clearly an enforcer for a faction of what we might call the permanent establishment, the hidden real government that runs on automatic imperial pilot regardless who is nominal US President.” After reading this insightful article, readers will see more clearly who is pushing Japan to militarize and to keep antagonizing China through Japan’s Shinzo Abe.

Source: Yahoo News

China warns Japan not to ‘play with fire’ in S. China Sea

September 29, 2016

China claims most of the South China Sea, even waters approaching neighbouring countries, based on a vaguely defined “nine-dash-line” found on Chinese maps from the 1940s (AFP Photo/Ritchie B. Tongo)

China on Thursday warned Japan against “playing with fire” in the contested waters of the South China Sea, after Tokyo announced it may patrol alongside the US in the region.

China also sent fighter planes for the first time over a strait near Japan on Monday as part of a group of more than 40 jets headed to train in the West Pacific.

The move followed remarks by Japanese Defence Minister Tomomi Inada this month that Tokyo would increase its engagement in the South China Sea through joint training with the US Navy, exercises with regional navies and capacity-building assistance to coastal nations.

The Chinese defence ministry said the aim of the announcement was “to mess up the South China Sea situation and try to gain interests from the troubled waters.”

“If Japan wants to conduct any joint patrol or joint exercises in waters administered by China, it is just like playing with fire, and the Chinese military will not sit and watch,” ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a regular press briefing.

Beijing asserts sovereignty over almost all of the South China Sea, dismissing rival partial claims from its Southeast Asian neighbours. It rejects any intervention by Japan in the waterway.

In recent months Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has criticised China for rejecting a July ruling by an international tribunal, which said Beijing’s extensive claims to the waters had no legal basis.

Tokyo, a key US ally, is also strengthening defence ties with other countries in the disputed region. Japan and China are already at loggerheads over a longstanding territorial row in the East China Sea.

That dispute relates to uninhabited islets controlled by Japan known as the Senkakus in Japanese and the Diaoyus in Chinese.

The following video is Joe Biden doing the silly walk to Japan….


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