Japan keeps their negotiations over the Kuril Islands “secret” but it will cost them

It looks that Japanese and Russian negotiators might have struck a deal over the Kuril Islands possibly being returned to Japan. If Russia cedes the Kuril Islands back over to Japan, the condition is that Japan will be required to make huge investments in Russia. The Russians will get the Japanese to commit to infrastructure and IT-technology investments in Russia drawing the two countries closer together and out of Anglo-American influence which can only be a good thing. Infrastructure means roads and hospitals built in Russia’s eastern regions.

Source: Sputnik

September 30, 2016

Japan Reportedly Ready to Make Huge Investment in Russia to Gain Kurils Back

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is reportedly set offer President Putin the Kuril islands in exchange for investments into the infrastructure of Russia’s Far East and Russian IT-technologies, some sources close to Japanese diplomatic circles told Russian newspaper Izvestia.

During President Putin’s visit to Japan, which is set to take place in December, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is reportedly set to tempt the Russian leader with a package of investment projects in exchange for the return for the South Kuril Islands, the center of its territorial dispute with Russia, the newspaper says.
“The Japanese have concentrated on two small islands, Shikotan and Habomai. The main thing for Tokyo is to begin the exchange process or at least the discussion of such a process,” the newspapers quotes its source as saying,

“However part of the Japanese establishment insists on negotiating the exchange of all the four islands,” the newspaper adds.

Japan is ready to invest in Russia’s Far East, the outlet says, adding that Tokyo is offering to finance infrastructure over the long term, which includes putting money into roads, hospitals and other city infrastructure.
It also wants to invest into Russian IT-technologies.
According to the source of the newspaper, specific figures have not been voiced, however the sum which is being discussed is around $200 billion over ten years in exchange for the Kuril islands. The offer also includes the construction of 100 infrastructure projects.
Meanwhile Japanese Prime Minister Abe expressed his confidence about making progress in solving its long-standing territorial dispute with Russia.
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