Transport ship sinking in the port of Tokuyama, Japan with 400 tons of sodium hydroxide on board

A ship is sinking carrying sodium hydroxide in the port of Tokuyama in the Japanese Prefecture of Yamaguchi as of last Friday. The ship started sinking on Friday carrying 400 tonnes of sodium hydroxide. The tanker from the video clip below looks to be heeled and is in danger of sinking. Haven’t received any further reports on the ships status. There were four crew members aboard and all four have been rescued. Sodium hydroxide is an inorganic compound. It is a white solid and highly caustic metallic base and alkali of sodium. Sodium hydroxide forms an approximately 50% (by mass) saturated solution with water and 400 tonnes of it are on this sinking ship. That means it will burn the crap out of your eyes. Overall probably not too dangerous but more destruction of the environment. How does a ship start sinking with 400 tonnes of sodium hydroxide loaded on board? This chemical compound is used in the textile industry, pulp and paper industry, soaps and detergents, and drain cleaner. Drain cleaner? Run little fishes.

タンカーが浸水か 劇物カセイソーダ積む 山口 周南