‘Herbivorous [sōshoku-kei danshi] Japanese men’ are back in the news again as car and alcohol sales drop

Starting to think about some of the deeper issues here as to why Japanese men are avoiding sex? Many Japanese men are not having sex for the first time until they are well into their 30s. This is back in the news again. The term “herbivorous men” (sōshoku-kei danshi) has a term coined by Japanese to describe men that have zero interest in women. This sex avoidance for whatever reason, whether due to social influences and long work hours, is having an effect on car sales as well as alcohol. From the article below, we find out that, “Only 1.001 million babies were born in Japan in 2014 — a record low — and 1.269 million Japanese people died.” That’s an overall loss of 268,000 people, and a signal of a Japanese population crisis in one of the world’s most developed and debt-ridden economies.

These “herbivorous Japanese men” will be partially responsible for the decreasing population in Japan which will translate to decreased manufacturing and consumption. My thoughts are that many of these Japanese men have taken a serious look around at their social circumstances and at the older generation and have said to themselves: “F*ck this, I’m not going through that same scenario in my life.” I think what we are also seeing is identity politics going on in Japan as the economy struggles. Those Japanese who identity with what idea for either financial gain or loss in Japan’s economy.

Source: Nirobi News

“Herbivorous men” could be the reason nobody’s having sex in Japan

September 24, 2016


It’s not what you are thinking, no one is eating grass in Japan. “Herbivorous men” is a term coined by Japanese to describe men that have zero interest in women.

According to Tech Bites, an online magazine, only 1.001 million babies were born in japan in 2014 – a record low – and 1.269 million died.

Showing an overall crisis in the country. Either one of the debates that has been put forward to explain the reasons why, is the rise in the number of herbivorous men.


In an interview with columnist Maki Fukasawa – and also the one who first came up with the term (herbivorous) to better illustrate the men – she said in Japan sex is termed as “relationship of the flesh” hence the term herbivorous men since they are not interested in flesh.

According to a 2015 survey as reported on in the Japan Times, among male respondent, 17.9 percent reported a little or no interest in having sex – or even an extreme dislike of it.

Also the lack of interest has been explained as due to the long working hours. Over 20 percent of the married men in the Japan Times study said they weren’t interested in sex because they were too tired from work.

This behavior is said to have affected the country’s economy. Sales are down in status products like cars and alcohol.