Toyota’s Kirobo Mini robot designed with the mind of a five year-old to replace “normal” relationships reducing loneliness in Japan

Unless you need highly stimulating entertainment in Japan, the chances are as you age and find yourself without children to at least pay you an occasional visit to the nursing home, Japan is going to become an increasingly lonely place for many Japanese people. In order to help bring comfort to what could be thousands of lonely people, Toyota has recently introduced its Kirobo Mini robot which is programmed with the “mind of a five year-old”. Wouldn’t it be an irony to see Japanese commuters on their commute to work every morning and on the way back home, to have their Kirobo Mini robots with them on the trains talking to them to keep them secure from loneliness?  All the while commuting on trains with thousands of other commuters?

Having a companion like this Kirobo Mini robot will become more stimulating than striking up a conversation with another Japanese person while out doing your errands or visiting a local park? And then when you factor in this phenomenon of what are called “herbivorous males” in Japan who avoid marriage and sex, it looks as though Toyota’s Kirobo Mini robot is going to be a booming business when all these herbiverous males in Japan get older.

Source: RT News

Toyota’s robot baby to target Japan’s lonely & childless (VIDEO)

October 3, 2016

The robot is designed to evoke an emotional response from it’s owner.

A 10cm (3.9 inches) tall robot with the intelligence of a five year old is being tasked with keeping lonely people company in Japan. Designed by Toyota, companion robot Kirobo Mini looks way too cute to go sentient and enslave mankind – we hope.

Kirobo Mini, meaning Hope Robot, uses voice recognition to recognise its owner and initiate childlike conversation. Chief Design Engineer Fuminori Kataoka told the Japan Times that the robot’s big eyes and childlike wobbles are on purpose, designed to look like a cute child and emulate a seated baby. “This vulnerability is meant to invoke an emotional connection,” he said.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article and to view the gif images of this Kirobo Mini robot in action.


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