Joseph Nye (technical and scientific application of power) and Richard Armitage (greatest covert operator in U.S. history) visit Tokyo

Looks as though a few Japanese bloggers are catching on to their American controllers discovering what appears to be some images of the American Richard Armitage with Shinzo Abe off this blog. Very few people know that the real operator in Afghanistan was Richard Armitage, a man whose legend includes being the biggest heroin trafficker in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War. Armitage was director of the State Department’s Foreign Narcotics Control Office (a front for CIA drug dealing); head of the Far East Company (used to funnel drug money out of the Golden Triangle); a close liaison with Oliver North during the Iran-Contra cocaine-for-guns scandal; a primary Pentagon official in the terror and covert ops field under George Bush the elder; one of the original signatories of the infamous PNAC document; and the man who helped CIA Director William Casey run weapons to the Mujahideen during their war against the Soviet Union. Afghanistan now supplies over 90 percent of the world’s heroin, generating nearly $200 billion in revenue. Since the U.S. invasion on Oct. 7, 2001, opium output has increased 33-fold (to over 8,250 metric tons a year).

Richard Armitage was also stationed in Iran during the mid-1970s right before Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini overthrew the shah. Armitage may well be the greatest covert operator in U.S. history. And this is the same man who makes regular trips to Japan to meet with senior LDP leaders including Shinzo Abe to make sure Tokyo follows directions from their handlers. The other American standing to Armitage’s right is Joseph Nye, the architect of America’s neoliberal free trade initiatives. If there is any American that needs to be pointed out as being at the head of America’s foreign economic policy, that would be Joseph Nye who pioneered the theory of soft power. Soft power means using American NGOs and think tanks to undermine governments across the globe who don’t cooperate with America’s foreign policy. The latest example being Ukraine. Joseph Nye’s area of specialization? The scientific and technical application of power.


Source: Blog Goo