Muslims living in Japan animated to have beheaded anyone who criticizes their religion and their “prophet”

Although the following took place in Japan two years ago as a consequence of a film being released in the US called “The Innocence of Muslims“, it is worth taking a look at again to come to terms with what animates Muslims to have beheaded anyone who criticizes their religion or their “prophet.” Anti-Muslim content was added to this film which is what upset Muslims. The title of this clip is “MUSLIM PROBLEM IN JAPAN”. I don’t think Muslims are a problem in Japan. The Japanese would never under any circumstances allow Muslims to become a serious threat to Japan like Muslims apparently are in Europe because of recent migration. I also think most Muslims are peaceful people, however, religion can be an extremely dangerous weapon when used as one’s excuse for existence. After all, I don’t see the Muslim world creating engineering advancements, the advancement of medicine, placing satellites into space, computer technology, space rockets and modern technological infrastructure projects.