Philippine President Duterte’s official state visit to China has Japan and the US nervous

Philippine President Duterte arrived in China on Tuesday, October 18 which must have the Japanese and Americans extremely nervous about the nature of negotiations between China and Philippines. This is a historical official state visit to China by any Philippine president. As the Philippines moves further out of the sphere of influence from the US, President Duterte has also made it known he wants all US military personnel out of the Philippines. One possible agreement that might be made between China and the Philippines, is that the Philippines might invite Chinese military assets into the Philippines, as well as the Philippines purchasing military-related assets from China.

Relations between China and the Philippines had been deteriorating because of the controversy over the South China Sea arbitration case that was originally initiated against China by Duterte’s predecessor Benigno Aquino III. It will be well worth following closely in the coming months relations between China and the Philippines asa result of this visit by President Duterte to China.

Philippine President Duterte Arrives in Beijing for “Historic” Visit


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